Scientific Disciplines Researching Play

Scientific Disciplines Researching Play On this page we summarize the broad range of play research conducted in universities around the world under the auspices of over twenty scientific disciplines. We identify some of the scientists working to understand the biological, psychological and social mechanisms that underlie the benefits of play in our everyday lives. For simplicity, […]

Play Scientists and Experts

Play Scientists and Experts Play is scientifically studied across a wide range of academic disciplines — ethology, psychology, brain science, educational psychology, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience. We have assembled here a few brief profiles of leading lights across most of those disciplines, along with references to their most influential play-related work. This page is by no […]

Science of Play

Play Science Play Is Deeply Rooted in Us Neuroscientist Jaak Pankskepp and psychologist Gordon Burghardt have shown that play is part of the biology of mammals, birds and even some reptiles and other creatures. Panksepp identified seven basic emotional states, one of which is play Play is so deeply rooted in the brain that it […]