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How Your Donations Make the World More Playful

Your contribution to NIFP helps us maintain and grow our online presence:

  • Gathering the latest knowledge from play researchers, practitioners, and organizations.
  • Monitoring mainstream media for pointers to new play knowledge.
  • Making scientific findings, play-related services, and resources available in simple, clear language.
  • Making our website and social media posts the place for understanding the emerging category of play and finding helpful resources and services.

Over time, we want to translate this growing body of knowledge into public service programs to:

  • Train parents and teachers in applying play practices.
  • Develop a certification program for coaches, therapists, and medical professionals interested in adding play guidance services to their toolkit.

Just for Donors

Interested donors can schedule small group sessions (virtual or in-person) with Dr. Brown and the NIFP staff to directly support the practical understanding and usefulness of play. Email us with the subject line “Interest in small group session” to find out more.